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Hackney Lease Extensions

All leaseholders in Hackney who have owned their flat for at least two years are entitled to have an additional 90 years added to their lease, with ground rent also removed entirely. Hetts have acted for countless lease extensions in Hackney, a substantial amount of those leases being granted by Hackney Council.

Hetts have a vast experience and knowledge of dealing with lease extensions within this borough, as well as other London boroughs. We are conversant with Hackney Council’s lease extension process and requirements.

Hackney Council Lease Extensions process

  • Obtain a lease extension calculation report to establish the expected premium payable, (£180 inc VAT arranged by Hetts)
  • Serve a Section 42 Notice on Hackney Council / other landlord with an offer (£170 + VAT)
  • Wait for a counter offer
  • Hetts will assist with negotiating, if you require.
  • We agree the lease extension documentation with Hackney Council / other landlord, complete the conveyancing and register the extension at the Land Registry £850 + VAT

How many additional years to a lease will Hackney give?

The standard increase is an additional 90 years to the current remaining. Further to that, any ground rent you pay now or in the future will be extinguished. In some circumstances Hackney Council (or other landlord) will negotiate different terms on a case to case basis.

Hackney Council lease extension example

A client with 92 years left on their lease were having difficulty finding buyer. Furthermore they were unable to re-mortgage the property to a lower rate, leaving them paying high interest rates as their standard fixed APR had increased. We quickly arranged for a valuation, served the section 42 notice on Hackney Council and successfully negotiated a low premium. Ninety more years were added to the term, leaving the leaseholder with 182 years remaining. The ground rent became a peppercorn / nil.

Our Hackney Council lease extension reviews


"Great communication and efficiency, they went above and beyond dealing with an unresponsive landlord during a lease extension until they got them to sign it. They also offered good advice to pay a lower premium."



Hackney lease specialists

We have extended hundreds of leases in Hackney. Having considerable experience, we are confident that we obtain the best possible premium for our clients negotiating with Hackney Council with tough stance backed by our knowledge of the borough to get you the lowest possible premium.



Clear price guarantee

Provided you have agreed the premium with your freeholder we charge a guaranteed fixed fee to extend your lease. £850 plus VAT  and Land Registry disbursements of £49. If you haven't agreed the premium, we can arrange the valuation and assist with negotiations.

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