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Tower Hamlets lease extensions

If you own a flat in Tower Hamlets, you are legally entitled to extend the term remaining on your lease by a further 90 years. Hetts have handled hundreds of lease extensions in Tower Hamlets, primarily leases granted by Tower Hamlets Council.

As Hetts have substantial experience of dealing with Tower Hamlets Council lease extensions, we have an understanding of the council’s preferred process, in particular their requirement to commence matters through the statutory route (this means serving a section 42 notice on the council to initiate the formal route to a lease extension.

Tower Hamlets Council Lease Extensions process

  • Obtain a lease extension calculation report (£180 inc VAT arranged by Hetts)
  • Serve a Section 42 Notice with an offer (£170 + VAT)
  • Wait for a counter offer
  • Hetts will assist with negotiations to agree the lowest premium possible with Tower Hamlets Council
  • We agree the lease extension documentation with Tower Hamlets Council, complete the conveyancing and register the extension at the Land Registry £850 + VAT

How many additional years to a lease will Tower Hamlets give?

Once completion has taken place you will have an additional 90 years on top of the existing lease term with ground rent reduced to nil. It may be possible to agree terms slightly differing to this standard arrangement – Tower Hamlets Council will negotiate on a case to case basis. For example, if the premium is unaffordable, they will be willing to grant a shorter extension, with some ground rent still payable, this would result in a lower landlord’s premium.

Tower Hamlets Council lease extension example

Hetts can provide a complete ‘hands-off’ approach for leaseholders from start to finish. One of our clients, who originally came to us through recommendation from a client we previously acted for a lease extension in Tower Hamlets, instructed Hetts after approaching the council about extending their lease.

As is usual, Tower Hamlets Council asked the leaseholder to serve the formal section 42 notice in the first instance (a notice that a leaseholder serves on a landlord to formally commence a lease extension). The notice must contain a reasonable offer to the landlord, for the privilege of an additional 90 years on the term, with no further ground rent payable. Hetts arranged the valuation, prepared the notice and dealt with the council’s counter-offer. Hetts entered into negotiations on behalf of the leaseholder with the council, eventually reducing their requested premium to the lowest possible amount. Hetts then dealt with the legal paperwork and transfer of funds to the council. Finally an application to the Land Registry was made to record the new extended term and ground rent changes.

Our Tower Hamlets Council lease extension reviews


"We used Ashley Connell for a lease extension and he is excellent. Very professional, great communication and advice + he is really nice. The best solicitors we have ever instructed and will be using again in the future. I have and will continue to recommend to everyone I know. And they are not expensive. Brilliant service and actually, much more than 5*. Thank you"



Tower Hamlets lease specialists

We have extended hundreds of leases in Tower Hamlets. Having considerable experience, we are confident that we obtain the best possible premium for our clients negotiating with Tower Hamlets Council with tough stance backed by our knowledge of the borough to get you the lowest possible premium.



Clear price guarantee

Provided you have agreed the premium with your freeholder we charge a guaranteed fixed fee to extend your lease. £850 plus VAT  and Land Registry disbursements of £49. If you haven't agreed the premium, we can arrange the valuation and assist with negotiations.

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