At Hetts we are always aware that when parents go through Divorce or separation one of the most upsetting aspects is the impact it may have on your children. We firmly believe that compassion and discretion are required when looking after the interests of children. You will be given expert legal advice to help you establish financial, living and contact arrangements.

We are members of the Law Society’s Children Panel. We have significant experience dealing with children’s cases. Moreover, as Resolution members, we aim for arrangements to be agreed outside court. In circumstances where urgent court action is required we will act with speed to ensure that your children’s best interests are ensured.

We will discuss with you whether you wish to consider Collaborative Law or Mediation as a non-confrontational way of achieving agreement in respect of your children’s arrangements.

Care Proceedings

There may be cases where the Local Authority are involved in respect of your children, either by taking court proceedings, or informally by perhaps making regular visits to your home to see the children. We understand how worrying regular visits by Social Workers can be.

Not only do we provide expert advice before any court proceedings are started, but we can provide representation throughout the court proceedings. We have a wealth of experience in representing parents in such cases.


On many occasions grandparents may feel left out. For one reason or another they may be stopped from seeing their grandchildren when the parents separate or if the Local Authority take care proceedings. We can step in and help. At such times, we think it is important that children should be allowed to keep in regular contact with their grandparents. If we cannot arrange that through an agreement, we will discuss with you, and if necessary, take you through the court process so that you can start seeing your grandchildren again regularly.

Very often the most common concerns are where the children shall live and how often the children should see the other partner. These are matters which we are able to resolve at a minimum of cost and as quickly as possible without unnecessary delay involving Solicitor correspondence.


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