Wills & TrustsMaking a will may be something that you do not want to consider, but deciding what happens to your estate when you die is one of the most important decisions you make. Ensuring that the people you care about are looked after when you are gone and that your property and money is distributed the way you want is crucial.

Not making a Will means that the law determines how your estate is dealt (see rules of intestacy) with which may not be how you would want it. You could also be leaving your loved ones with a lot of administration at a very difficult time for them. Part or even all of your estate might end up going to people who you never intended to benefit.

Making a will also has many other advantages, such as tax planning to ultimately reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable. The total property value of assets including pension income, cars, bank accounts, investments and assets you have given away in the seven years before your death may result in considerable inheritance tax liability for your estate and dependants. Effective tax planning may help to reduce this liability.

Our fees for a standard Will start from:

£120 + VAT for a single Will
£200 + VAT for two mirror Wills

We offer price reductions on the above for returning clients with existing Wills.


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