Scunthorpe Divorce SolicitorWe feel proud we are able to offer a complete legal service to all of our clients. We never forget that when going through a divorce or a separation it is always a very difficult time for each and every client. We will deal with your case as quickly, and as efficiently and with the minimum expense as possible.

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Scunthorpe Family LawyerNicola Casey – Head of Hetts Family Law Department

Our divorce lawyer, Nicola Casey has a vast amount of experience. She understands the difficulties people face when going through relationship breakdown.

Nicola can help clients take a constructive, less adversarial approach to divorce and family disputes.

In all cases, she gives realistic advice from the start and guides clients calmly and effectively through what can be one of the most emotional and stressful times of their lives.

Nicola has extensive experience advising on all aspects of family law, including complex issues further to divorce or separation, disputes relating to children, and pre and post nuptial agreements. She gives pragmatic advice, acting with sensitivity and discretion. She is recognised locally as much for her incisive strategic thinking as she is for her empathetic approach.

Family law experts
We are committed to constructively resolving family disputes. We adopt a non-confrontational approach to family problems. We never feel that the break up of a relationship need be accompanied by acrimony or heartache. So we endeavour to use negotiation to achieve an agreement where that is possible between all the parties involved.

However, if for one reason or another the other party will not come to a fair and sensible agreement, then we have no hesitation whatsoever, if you wish us to do so, to take the matter to court and vigorously present your case to ensure that you are dealt with fairly and properly.

We offer a fixed fee of £99 + VAT for a 1 hour consultation.

We understand that going through separation is a life-changing process. All clients will receive advice of the highest quality by an expert.

Divorce, Separation and Civil Partnership Dissolution

At your first appointment we will discuss with you the various options open to you. We will advise as to the most appropriate route, whether it be divorce or separation. We will seek to achieve the best possible arrangements for you and your children.


Very often a major concern at the breakdown of a relationship is how financial matters are going to be sorted out. We will guide you through the process. We will make every effort to avoid costly court proceedings. Through negotiation we will make every effort to reach an agreement. If you wish, instead of your case being resolved through an exchange of Solicitor correspondence, you could elect to attend a number of face to face meetings involving all parties and their legal representatives. Both you and your ex-partner would agree in the meantime to not start court proceedings. The aim is to use the courts only when agreement is not possible. Mediation is a further alternative and after discussion with you, if you wish, we can refer you to a qualified mediator.

We will be happy to represent you in contested court proceedings if they become necessary. It is often expensive to take matters to court and Hetts will seek to ensure that your costs are kept to an absolute minimum.
Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence can cover many different things. It not only involves physical violence, but aggression in all its shapes and forms, such as regular verbal abuse and shouting in the home. That cannot only affect the other partner, but also the children. We will talk you through the legal steps which we can take to protect both you and your family. We can offer you an urgent same day appointment once you get in touch with us. Court action may be required immediately, and in urgent cases, initially without your partner even being told about the proceedings.

Pre-nuptial and Cohabitation Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements are a fast changing area of law and the courts are evermore willing to recognise when sorting out divorce or cohabitation settlements. A pre-nuptial agreement is when the parties set out their intentions as to how their assets should be divided if the relationship ends, and that agreement can be made, either before the parties marry or live together, or whilst they are together.

These agreements can help prevent possibly long legal arguments on the breakdown of a relationship.

Divorce Lawyer Scunthorpe

Divorce Lawyer Scunthorpe


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