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We are now able to provide an ID1 or ID2 service to individuals remotely at a fixed fee of £59. You may have been asked to carry out an ID1 check by a lawyer. This is a Land Registry requirement to prove the identity of an individual. Due to COVID19 the Land Registry now allows this service to be carried out remotely via a video call.

Our solicitor, Ashley Connell, is a member of the Law Society and is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. He is a Partner within our firm.

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Land Registry ID1 Form Online

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Email a scan or photo of Section A of your ID1 form to: Ensure that you sign the form at the bottom first. We will then contact you to finish the check.

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Purpose of ID1 Form: The Land Registry ID1 form serves to authenticate and verify the identities of individuals engaging in property transactions, acting as a safeguard against potential fraud by ensuring that all involved parties are who they claim to be.

Mandatory Requirement: In most property transactions, the completion and submission of the ID1 form are mandatory unless represented by a regulated solicitor, aligning with legal and regulatory requirements to authenticate the identities of those involved, ensuring transparency and security within property dealings.

Who has to complete an ID1 Form: Individuals engaged in property transactions, including buyers, sellers, and mortgage applicants, are typically required to complete the ID1 form.

Required Identification Documents: The ID1 form necessitates specific identification documents such as passports, driver's licenses, or government-issued identity cards, ensuring a standardised and secure means of identity verification.

Obtaining the ID1 Form: The ID1 form is accessible here: Complete an ID1 Form

Completion Method: Flexibility is offered for completing the ID1 form, as it can be filled out both electronically through the Land Registry's online platform or manually in physical form, accommodating various preferences and circumstances of the involved parties. The signature must be hand written.

Fees for ID1 Form: £59.

Errors or Omissions: Prior to submission, thorough review and correction of any errors or omissions on the ID1 form are crucial to ensure accuracy and completeness, preventing potential delays or complications in the transaction process. We cannot be responsible for errors by the applicant.

Processing Time: We can usually finalise the ID1 check on the same or next working day.

Inaccurate Information: Providing inaccurate information on the ID1 form can lead to legal repercussions or transactional impediments, underlining the necessity of thoroughness and precision in form completion.

Validity Period: ID1 forms are valid for up to 3 months after it has been commissioned by the solicitor.


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Date:February 12, 2024