Help and Assistance through your Divorce or Separation

Lockdown at home with your family can sometimes cause existing relationship problems to become escalated.  This was the case for Mr XX.  He found that the issues around his marriage became very difficult for him living in such proximity to his wife.  Arguments were flaring up regularly and causing him so much distress and anxiety.

He took the first step by contacting Hetts and speaking to Nicola Casey.  She was able to arrange a telephone appointment at a time when he was able to speak freely, for him this was when his wife had gone out for her daily exercise.  Nicola advised him on his rights and was able to put his mind at rest about his financial situation and discussed arrangement option for the children and what he could expect during divorce proceedings.

He received advice for as little as £125.00 plus VAT for the initial appointment and an easy payment plan for the ongoing costs.  Payment was sent by bank transfer directly to the firm to ensure no paperwork came to the house.  We arranged to send him written information via his email address.  Mr XX now has some useful information for him to plan his future and give him peace of mind and go some way to alleviate his stress and anxiety.

If you are suffering in a similar way, it may be a situation similar to Mr XX, or you may have worries and concerns about what arrangements can be made for the children during separation, or how the division of assets during breakdown will work out for you.  We are here to help you over a difficult time and give you the help and support you require.  Nicola can arrange to call you at a time to suit.  If she is unavailable, simply leave her a message and give her a suitable time to call.

Ways to contact our dedicated team:

  • You can call us during office hours, leaving your telephone number or email address 01724 843287
  • Call Nicola Casey direct on 01724 703682 at any time to suit – if she is away from her phone leave her a message and she can arrange to call you back.
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  • Email: ncasey@hetts.co.uk
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